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Professionally trained technicians, quality installations and equipment.


All installations completed are done under our Pre-qualified Illinios Swimming Facility Contractor status through the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Prequalified Contractor
Aqua Pure prides itself on our highly diversified, professionally trained service technicians. Our pre-qualified, certified pool operator, manufacture trained technicians are well versed will multiple industry specific equipment, pumps, motors, filters, automatic controllers, ultraviolet systems, variable frequency drives, heaters and more. Our diverse training and experience offer quality installations of equipment and start-up.

Installation, warranty, technical support
Installation of equipment for exact replacement is done following the manufacturer’s specifications. All permit work will be performed as per the Illinois Department of Public Heath approved drawings, while following manufacture specifications.

Prior to an installation, repair, or service a commercial proposal will be submitted for your review and approval. Once an installation or service is completed Aqua Pure will stand behind the manufactures warranty and a regional sales representative is available for technical support and guidance.

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Openings & Closings

Seasonal maintenance programs are designed to provide protection of the facility and ease of start-up for a new season.

Aqua Pure does the heavy lifting. Summarization of the swimming pool includes draining of the water, cleanup of debris, surface wash with the most effective, harmless chemical. Customer supplied summer equipment will be installed on the pool deck and basin. Prior to the filling of the pool the mechanical equipment is prepared for water circulation, then we will turn on the autofill or mechanism as stated to use by the customer. Once the pool is full, the customer will turn off the water and notify Aqua Pure. Once confirmed a service technician will then be dispatched to start the system, add the start-up chemicals, and complete a report of any mechanical equipment that requires repair or replacement noted at that time.

Winterizing a Pool
Preparation for the winter. Add antifreeze to pipes and blow-out lines. Plug all lines. Drain filter pumps, air blower, heater. Follow the appropriate winterizing procedure for all equipment. Discuss storage of controller electrodes. Remove deck equipment and summer fitting, place in an area near the pool deck or in a storage bin as provided by the customer.

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Aqua Pure does the heavy lifting!

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Routine Maintenance made easy!


Supplement service offered to cover daily routine as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health, along with other features.

This service is custom designed for routine maintenance on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or as need basis. Routine Maintenance is a recording of the required parameters for the Illinois Department of Public Health operational report form, checking of the water level, mechanical equipment and cleaning as agreed. Check the chemical inventory, note needed chemicals and any note repairs or concerns.

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Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance helps to prevent unexpected equipment failures and prolongs the lifespan of company assets.

Scheduled preventative maintenance will reduce unexpected failures, prolong the life span of equipment, and save on costly repairs. Planning preventative maintenance can be budgeted and scheduled at your convenience. Aqua Pure is recognized as a swimming pool industry leader by many manufacturers to install, repair, replace and warranty equipment. Our preventative maintenance techniques will prove valuable.

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Aqua Pure is recognized as a swimming pool industry leader.

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Improve your pool with expert advice!


Expert advice tailored to your needs. Consultations from water balance, equipment replacement, chemical automation to complete pump room renovation. Our initial meeting is to understand the client’s needs, details about the facility and desired results. Using best business practices, following industry regulations, standards, and the latest proven technology our consulting and training methods will provide you with the best path to improve current conditions or guidance in a complete renovation.

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Approved Illinois Certified Contractor

Prequalified contractor approved to install equipment as permitted by IDPH.